About Colin Lloyd Tucker…

Colin, it is fair to say, is now something of a veteran performer.

Since his teenage years, working as an engineer for the De Wolfe music library from their Soho base in the 1970s he has been involved in all aspects of music production. Here he developed skills in the art of tape manipulation in those far off, pre-digital times, skills he would pass on to Matt Johnson and Simon Fisher Turner, both of whom he still works with today.

As a singer/musician he signed a management deal with Tony Calder in the mid 1980s. Ex Immediate Records boss and co Stones manager Calder had been introduced to Colin’s work by model Linda Keith. A single was produced ‘Head’ that despite rave reviews (Single of the week in NME) obtained little commercial success. 

Unhappy with Calder’s desire to turn him into a pop star Tucker walked away and began a journey along a much less commercial, though more independent route. Various discs with different independent companies were to follow. He also formed Papier Mache Records with Simon Turner and together they issued two well-regarded long players as Deux Filles.

The 1990s saw Colin sporadically issuing the odd solo album and cropping up as a guest vocalist on Kate Bush’s Red Shoes album (Tucker also appeared as a devil in the accompanying film). Before the decade was out he made the album ‘Skyscraping’ with Paddy Bush under the group name ‘Bushtucker’.

In 2006 he formed his own Samphire Records as an outlet for his solo work producing a string of diverse releases. Leaping genres like there is no tomorrow he is sometimes accused of being deliberately contrary or ‘difficult’. In his defence, he states that he is merely following his muse.

He was quick to realise that the internet offered him a direct line to those who had followed his work over the years and has consequently built a modest but faithfully enthusiastic following.

His most recent album ‘terra incognita’ (2022) is currently on it’s second pressing.

A re-union with Matt Johnson cumulated in appearance in The The’s Inertia Variations Film and Trilogy box set with Tucker performing Johnson’s Bugle Boy (2017).

Another surprising reunion occurred in 2016 when Deux Filles reappeared with the album ‘Space & Time’, and in 2021 Deux Filles forth album ‘Shadow Farming was released on vinyl

In 2014 Colin donned his engineering hat to work on live sound with legendary producer Tony Visconti. Tony was also involved when, in 2017 Colin provided live sound for Daphne Guinness. He has also been responsible for re-mastering many old recordings for vinyl re-issue.